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Syrup pudding by Pudd'Eng
sticky toffee pudding
Spotted dick by Pudd'Eng
Sticky toffee pudding by Pudd'Eng
Treacle&Walnut pudding by Pudd'Eng
Chocolate&Ale pudding by Pudd'Eng

It is a well-known fact (or it should be) that "stressed" is "desserts" spelled backwards. Pudding, as the food writer Nigel Slater once said, isn't food, it is medicine. And we can't think of a better cure for everyday ills than one of Kate's award-winning English puddings.


Sticky Toffee - yum. Syrup Pudding, Spotted Dick, Chocolate&Ale, Treacle&Walnut, Marmalade, all utterly scrumptious. And stick a holly sprig in me and set me on fire, the fruity, boozy Christmas Pudding.

With her pudd'Eng brand, Kate has set out to update the classic English steamed pudding. Crammed with generous quantities of natural ingredients, many sourced in her home county of Norfolk, Kate's puds are light, delicious and best of all, can be popped in a microwave rather than having to be steamed for hours. She's done all the work so we don't have to, giving us almost instant gratification. No wonder she has won so many Great Taste Awards.

But don't just take our word for it because, as you know, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Until then, just feast your eyes on these ...

Pictures :  Catherine Hart @madeineastanglia

"I am absolutely delighted with the Made In East Anglia images of my puddings! I now have a set of professional standard high resolution photographs which will be of great value to my business. Linda and Catherine are a talented team with complementary skills. We are very lucky as artisan food businesses to have such an excellent resource for our East Anglian region"

Kate Lyons, owner of Pudd'eng

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