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MADE IN EAST ANGLIA has a purpose-built studio equipped with a full range of photographic equipment and props.


Christmas shots created in the middle of summer?
A sunlit picnic spread shot in December?

We can make it happen.


We offer straightforward product shots as well as bespoke photography styled to your requirements. We will always work to your brief.




Styling is key to good food photography and we have created a range of bespoke studio backgrounds to help you reflect your company image. 


We have a wide selection of props, some used and cherished for generations, others modern, all of them lovingly sourced.

food photography props

Weathered surfaces, vintage props and a warm and cosy feel 

Very on-trend at the moment, this dramatic, dark and moody style is all about light and shadows.


Symmetrical, repetitive patterns and sharp, macro images. The food is the star!

Bright, light-filled, modern and minimalist. Shot against a light background with a minimum of props, this style allows the product to speak for itself.

Christmas, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Freshen your promotions seasonally


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