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The origins of the gimlet cocktail are disputed, but we like the version that says it was invented by the Royal Navy's Surgeon Admiral, Sir Thomas Gimlette (1857-1943), who is said to have added lime cordial to the sailors' daily tot of gin to help combat scurvy.

It's equally good made with gin or vodka - we used Wild Knight vodka from Norfolk in this one - but we much prefer it with fresh lime juice.

You'll first need to make what bartenders call a simple syrup: just mix equal quantities of sugar and water, heat in a pan until the sugar has dissolved (don't let it boil) and once it's cooled, pour into a sterilised bottle. It'll keep in the fridge for a month.

Vodka Gimlet


60ml vodka

30ml fresh lime juice

20ml simple syrup

Lime wedges or slices, to garnish


Either: fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add the ingredients, shake and strain into a glass

Or: pour the ingredients into a glass over ice and stir to mix.

Either way, garnish with a wedge or slice of fresh lime. Cheers!

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